Frequently Asked Questions

These are commonly asked questions about our practice. Please click on any of the question titles below to see the answer. If the question you need to have answered is not listed, call or email us so we can answer it directly! 


  • For appointments call us at 425 454-8684; we do not have online scheduling. 
  • Refills of medications 

    How do I obtain renewals on my medications? 

  • * Allow 2 days for renewals to be generated, don't cut it too close...
  • * Stimulant RX on paper have to be hand-signed OR can be sent electronically directly to most pharmacies; they cannot be sent by FAX or phone, THEY WILL NOT BE REFILLED BETWEEN FRIDAY NOON AND MONDAY MORNING.
  • * Best to check first with your pharmacy; send a Portal message if your pharmacy does not have an RX on file for you. Ask them to check their electronic RX files first. Electronic RX to last until your next appointment (within 90 days) are sent at your visit with fill dates about 28-29 days after the previous one.  We cannot write for any stimulant medications to go beyond 90 days from your previous appointment, DEA regulations.   RX for up to 90 days worth of medication is issued at your appointment. After that 90 days no more can be issued until a visit.

    Please request refills from your pharmacy for medications other than  stimulants; they contact us if necessary.  Schedule II medications (ADD stimulants, or any narcotics) cannot be refilled by phone or FAX; they can be sent in electronically or on paper to pick up/be mailed. Refills will NOT be available after hours nor on weekends, not even by phone; please plan accordingly !  Friday 1 pm is the deadline for refill requests for the week. Any coming in later will be acted upon on Monday following.

  • If you have not had an appointment in over 3 months you have to be seen first in the office. STIMULANT MEDICATIONS CANNOT BE EXTENDED BEYOND 90 DAYS FROM YOUR LAST APPOINTMENT - FEDERAL DEA REGULATIONS.

  • Will I need to make an appointment to get a refill on my medication?

    That depends.  If it has been over 3 months since you have been in the office to discuss your condition, including self-care measures and medications and possibly to have your blood pressure/wt checked, you will need to make an appointment for a recheck. Give us a call at 425 454-8684.

  • Stimulant medications for ADHD can only be prescribed for up to 90 days after the previous visit. THIS IS A FEDERAL DEA REGULATION. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE!
  • For this reason it is STRONGLY suggested you make your follow-up appointment at the time of your appointment. Immediate and same month appointments will probably not be available if you need one in a hurry; NJ keeps a cancellation list but don't count on getting in quickly.

    Please request refills from your pharmacy for medications other than  stimulants; they contact us if necessary. 

    Schedule II medications (ADD stimulants, or any narcotics) cannot be refilled by phone or FAX; they can be sent in electronically or on paper to pick up/be mailed.  Dr. Pomeroy has to use equipment at the office to do this therefore
    A new RX for a stimulant medication cannot be issued between 4pm Friday and 8:30 am Monday.

  • New patient appointments 
  • We are NOT able to take any New Patients . I do not anticipate taking any New Patients in the future. There is no waiting list, please do not call to ask to be put on a list. 

  • Can Dr. Pomeroy  see me for conditions other than ADHD? 

    I have chosen to limit my practice to ADHD and associated conditions. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, behavioral issues in children commonly go along with ADHD, and all are within the area of my training and my experience of 26 years in general Family Medicine and 18 years here (and counting ).  We do not provide  any Primary Care services.  
  • * We are no longer enrolling New Patients as Primary Care Provider, nor do we provide general medical care for acute illnesses nor injuries.
  • * We do not do evaluations nor treatment of conditions related to accidental injuries, car accidents or otherwise. 
  • * Our office is not contracted with the Dept of Labor & Industries for any work injury claims.
  • * We have no equipment to give injections, administer vaccines or perform any office surgery or skin procedures.
  • Billing other insurances 

    Why doesn't ADD Center of Bellevue accept more insurances than just Premera and Regence PPO? Are you planning to do so in the future?​
  • The more insurance contracts a physician carries, the more personnel it takes to process the information and paperwork (yes, even in the electronic age). Each insurance has different idiosyncrasies about billing and the codes to be used, about referrals and how they work, and different formularies of "preferred" medications.  

    A guiding principle in a small business of any kind, especially a medical practice, is to Keep It Simple. In order to maintain lower fees and lower overhead, I decided to have a contract with only Premera and Regence plans (and they keep sneaking in ones that don't work, for you or me). 

  • Can you bill my health insurance if I do not have Premera or Regence? If not, can I do it?

    ADD Center of Bellevue does not have contracts with any health insurers other than Premera and Regence. That contract specifies that we must bill Premera or Regence first, and accept their determination of how much gets paid and by whom, for their clients. WE DO NOT BILL OTHER INSURERS. Our office is not on their provider panel, so any billing sent in by us will be rejected.

  • You will be expected to PAY AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT and bill your own insurance. If you have a different health insurance, you can staple the billing form we will give you at the end of your visit to the Claim Form from your insurer, and submit it to them per their instructions. They will review the claim, and make payment to you according to the rules of your health plan. Our billing form contains all the items insurers require, including dates of service, diagnosis codes (ICD-9 system) and charge codes ("cpt coding"), and your insurance information.
  • Health Information Privacy Practices 

    This is a statement about Privacy Practices used in connection with your Personal Health Information (PHI), with changes as mandated by the HIPAA Omnibus Bill of 2013. It outlines our responsibilities and your rights with respect to your health information. See full details on the page under New Patients (above).
  • Medical rationale on refills 

    Why does it seem to be a big deal to refill a prescription if I have been on the same dose for months and it seems to be working well?

    One of the primary reasons that most medications are available only by prescription is that there are risks associated with taking them (as with anything in life, even not taking medications at times). While you may feel fine, your physician is trained to look for signs of problems before they become symptoms to you. Stimulant medications can increase blood pressure or pulse rates, or lead to a drop in weight for a few months or more. These effects and others need to be monitored, and documented by your physician, as part of the generally accepted "standard of care" for prescribing medications of any type. Some medications (even some stimulants after a few years on them) need periodic blood tests done to check for any effects on blood cell counts. These side effects are rare, usually (not always) detectable early, and can become serious enough that checking every so often is worthwhile. So if you feel fine, that's great. I want to be sure you will continue to do so, and that all is as well as you feel. That's my training and my part of our partnership - I do the doctor stuff. Part of your job is to let me know when you do not feel well, so we can sort out why together.

  • AND - the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration aka "the Feds") regulations require that I see a patient before writing for any stimulant meds if it has been more than 90 days since the previous appt. I can't write for "a few" until the next appt.