Links to reliable sources of information about Attention Deficit Disorders, mood disorders, and many of the issues that accompany these challenges.  No company-sponsored links endorsed nor supported. 

Don Baker MA, LHMC 

Website of Don Baker, MA & LHMC. Experienced therapist in Seattle, offers therapy groups and individual and family counseling. Very knowledgable in AD/HD issues.

Tomatis-Effect Listening and Learning program 

Unique approach to develop and enhance listening, learning, and social communication abilities in children and adults. Helps those with challenges of ADD, reading/writing, sensory processing and coordination, autism spectrum disorders among others. Liliana Sacarin trained with Dr. Alfred Tomatis and is trained as well in other techniques of auditory intervention. This is a treatment approach unlike any other. Free presentations about the techniques given monthly in Seattle and Bellevue; check website for details.

Chris Dendy - Teens and AD/HD 

Author and speaker on AD/HD topics, including the book Teens & ADHD: a Parent's Guide. great resource.

CHADD local chapter 

CHADD is a national organization for education and resources about ADD in children and adults. The local chapter has regular meetings at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland. See their website for details.

Totally ADD !! 

All you wanted to know about ADD, in YouTube videos !! Developed by a duo of very talented Canadian comedians, this site has valuable information presented in an engaging way. 

Evidence-based information on AD/HD 

Site developed by Center for Disease Control (CDC) in collaboration with CHADD (national organization for those with or affected by AD/HD), to provide information based upon the best available evidence for effectiveness or lack thereof.

Patient education website of AAFP 

Covers health topics from A-Z, by conditions. Well-researched advice from the American Academy of Family Physicians, America's Family Doctors.

ADD Warehouse Book and video source 

Every book and video you could ever want on AD/HD topics. Helpful hints to find them too !

More Attention, Less Deficit 

A wonderful reference book on "what to do about this?" for ADDers, meant to be read in bite-sized pieces.

Learning Disorders strategies 

Non-profit foundation provides tips and strategies and programs for all kinds of learning disorder issues (reading, writing, math etc).

Manipulative Math methods - 

Algebra learning method developed by a math teacher, using a hands-on approach. Kids learn to set up equations using various blocks, then practice the rules of algebra by moving the blocks around. Fits with learning style often found with AD/HD.

Mindful Awareness meditations 

Learn how to pay better attention to what you are paying attention to ! Lidia Wylowska, Director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA, has written a book with CDs as well, Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD. Great resource !!

Also an app "Headspace" - 10 min a day, a progression of mental exercises to learn mindfulness. 

Organize thoughts for writing with Inspiration software 

Brainstorm ideas as fast as you can type, placing them in subsets as you go. then clock Outline and poof! you have an outline. Use templates to organize various types of papers or projects. Expository essay? Compare and contrast? No problem!