• The Complete and Authoritative Guide to ADHD by American Academy of Pediatrics, .   It's all there, diagnosis, treatments, strategies that help.
  • Outside the Box by Thomas Brown PhD.  Learn how incredibly complex the brain is and how ADD impacts Executive Functions.  Top Notch resource ! 
  • Attention Difference Disorder by Kenny Handleman MD   -  7 Ways to help your ADD Child

Women and ADD:

  • Understanding Women With ADD by Kathleen Nadeau PhD and Patricia Quinn MD.  Every woman with AD/HD should have this book.
  • Understanding Girls with ADD by Kathleen Nadeau PhD.   Ditto
    • The website for each of these books/resources is     http:/ 
  • Girls Guide to ADHD by Beth Walker.  written in the style of a young girl talking to the reader about ADHD and how it works.

Adult ADD:

  • The Down and Dirty Guide to Adult ADHD (2nd Ed) by M. Godeon and D. McClure. No jargon, just common sense and practical advice with some skepticism thrown in .
  • Is It You, Me, or Adult ADHD? by Gail Pera.  Relationships and ADHD.

Teens and ADD:

  • Birds Eye View of ADD by Alex Dendy.  ADD through a teen's eyes, interviews with friends with and without ADD.  For teens to read.
  • Teenagers With ADD: A Parents' Guide by Chris Zeigler Dendy, MS    The title says it all. How to tell the difference between "teen" and ADD.  A positive approach to helping your teen develop his/her strengths.
  • Video and book for dealing with Teens, ADHD or not.  Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13-18 year olds by Thomas Phelan PhD. author of 1,2,3 Magic for use with little people, this is a sequel for when those little people grow bigger !

Education and ADD:

  • ADD Book of Lists by Sondra Rief.  Written by an educator for parents and teachers, lists of strategies for all kinds of issues which challenge kids with ADD - organization, homework, reading, writing, math, etc.
  • How to Reach and Teach the Child With ADD also by Sondra Rief.  This one is for teachers and school counselors. Excellent resource, should be in every school as a resource.
  • Teaching Teens with ADD and ADHD by Chris Zeigler Dendy MS.  A resource for teachers and parents.
  • help4adhd@highschool and help4adhd@college by Kathleen Nadeau, PhD.  Great resource for tips and strategies for teens. Written by a psychologist who also has ADD, she "gets it". The books are not straight text, but a mix of bullet points and highlighted text boxes. Very ADD friendly !
  • Insiders Guide to 504 and IEP Plans  by Larry Davis. Larry is a Local Seattle-area advocate for school accommodation plans, he explains how the system works so parents can be prepared for meetings with school staff on 504 and IEP plans.

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