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1- Provide expert evaluation and recommendations based upon evidence and experience
2- Provide reliable and up-to-date information about ADHD
3- Recommend resources at visits - 
    Websites, apps, podcasts, apps,

      even some books :)
   Coaches, therapists, groups

    (we can't advise non-patients on 

​     these; check out links on our site)

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Holiday  Schedule  2017: 

we will be closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day


As of March 1st 2018 we will be using a new Electronic Health Record (EHR).  All of your contact information and clinical records will transfer over ...if all goes as planned.  Murphy undoubtedly will be lurking around, so please bear with us as we find and correct any glitches. :)

Clinic News

David P. Pomeroy MD, FAAFP

ABFM-certified  1979-present

Annelise Joslin, Psych-ARNP
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Our philosophy of patient care comes down to 5 things

1 - Start where the patient is, respecting that without judgement

2 - Listen - gather information

3 - Formulate diagnosis based upon      knowledge, training and experience

4 - Explain, educate, address all concerns, provide resources

5 - Repeat steps 1-4 each and every visit

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Please call 425-454-8684 to schedule an appointment.

      Our Goal 

​To be your best in-person resource on all dimensions of ADHD 

A word on definition of ADHD vs ADD. 

The formal diagnosis is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Inattentive Type (or) Hyperactive Type (or) Combined Type. 

Just because the "H" is in there, doesn't mean it only applies to the Hyperactive folks, it includes the Inattentive folks as well.

However one defines it, ADHD comes in many flavors! 

P.S.  Attention Difference Disorder is a better way to think of it. Just sayin'

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