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Latest developments here at ADD Center of Bellevue

Podcasts - Dr. Pomeroy records interviews and discussions with  a variety of people with expertise in fields related to ADHD, from ADD Coaching to Parenting coaching to Screen Media/Internet addictions to Emotional Reactivity of ADHD, and lots more.

The show is ADHD Focus,  presented on  All shows broadcast, since Feb 2017, are archived and can be found on the website of the show. 

These can be accessed here: 

​New clinician -   Annelise Joslin Psych-ARNP

Annelise joined the clinical staff at ADD Center of Bellevue in June of 2017.  She has experience in a variety of mental health clinical settings, outpatient and inpatient. She will be seeing patients on Mondays only for now, and  plans to expand her available time here as soon as she is able. 

New electronic medical record system  (aka EHR or EMR) coming March 1st, 2018 !! 

The Patient Portal  will look different, check-in systems will look different, but our services will remain the same. Hopefully we will  spend less time dealing with software issues and have more time to listen and respond to your needs. We also hope there will be fewer glitches in the prescribing system !